Award-winning Mexican photographer, Ramon Jimenez, better known as ‘Rame’, shows his work in the exhibition ‘Brothers under the Bridge’ (‘Carnales bajo el Puente’), hosted by LSE and the student Mexican Society. ‘Brothers under the Bridge’ is a three year photographic documentary in black and white mixed technique, that illustrates the neglected and crude reality of Mexican street children living under a bridge. These street children regain a voice through Rame who shows them as they are, their lives spent in search of sustenance, love, solidarity and violence to defend their territory. Mexican art critic Carlos Blas Galindo described the work as ‘a living testimony originating from the city of Oaxaca that through the anthropologic and artistic photography confirms poverty as an aggression against humanity’. Rame himself says: ‘This work ‘Brothers under the Bridge’ is a reflect of my human condition, the need to express through those children internal sentiments and, at the same time, the need to denounce an officially non-existent reality full of indifference, hatred, marginalization, and neglect. Under a bridge, between degradation, rats and polluted waters, I discovered a kind of crude and much- needed love.’ 


The photographic project took place between 1999 and 2002 and was financed by the Mexican National Fund for Culture and Arts, the Alexia Foundation, and the Henry Margolis Foundation. It has been shown in several cities across Mexico and in New York. ‘Brothers under the Bridge’ at LSE is supported by the Manuel Garcia Gallery, the government of Oaxaca, and the Mexican Society at LSE, which has over 120 members from all over the world and is the largest representation of Mexican students in Europe.





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