dRamedia is a art design firm that envision new companies and brands to design new products, services, spaces, and  experiences. Its mission is to provoke disruption to innovate, grow susteinable and impact global understanding. We are a team based in transdisciplinary design focus in create a new state of art and human comprenhension in any organization that come across.





Ramon Jimenez Cuen is part of the Business Design certificate at Parsons, 2014. In 2010 he graduated from MA Program in Media and Film, New School. Two years later he become director of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Oaxaca. During this period he curates exhibitions of local and foreign artists including Tamayo, Dr. Lackra, and George Moore. He also established a connection with moma store in a design program introducing designs made by oaxacan artesans. Ramon Jimenez leave MACO to build the new structure of Museum Belber Jimenez, a museum of folk art with a peculiar approach to contemporary art. His transdisciplinary background comes from management, media, music and photography. In 2000 he concludes the certificate in PJ and documentary program at the International Center Of Photography. Since then his work has been exhibit in personal and collective exhibits including the book presentation Eyes of the World at UN.  His work is part of national and international collections including London School of Economics and Photographic Institute of Chicago. He has published two books, Carnales bajo el Puente and The last dance.